Wikinews Flickr License Searcher

This is a utility to search flickr for images licensed under a specific license. This is meant to help users of Wikinews find free images for use on the site.

This app is currently maintained by IlyaHaykinson of en:Wikinews. The software is free and open-source. You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 installed to run this software. It's a 23.14MB download, so only get it if the system will not install.

>> Download Flickr CC Search v1.0 Now (revision 1.0.1874.39811, size 333KB)


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Release history

1.0.1874.39811 minor fixes
1.0.1874.39161 initial release

License and Source Code

The application is free for use and is licensed under GPL. Source code will be provided by emailing me.
Includes the Flickr.NET library which is licensed under CPL 1.0.


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